The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Your Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage facilities are not all the same. For easy access, security, and peace of mind, look for units that provide all five of the following most important things to know about your self-storage facility:

#1: Conveniently Located

Location, location, location! Look for a storage facility in your neighborhood or storage units conveniently located off a major highway near you. Easy access to your unit means you can visit your belongings more often. If you have a boat or RV that you take out on the weekends, having them stored at a facility near a freeway means avoiding the hassle of navigating residential streets. You can drive your truck to the storage location, hook-up your boat, and be on your way to your favorite lake. Or, leave a car at the storage facility and drive off in your Recreational Vehicle without having to backup it up on narrow streets.

#2: Computerized Gate Access

A computerized gate, which only allows entrance to those with access codes, means that paying customers are able to enter your self-storage facility, while the general public is kept out. Your belongings are not easy prey to someone who happens to drive by, and when a customer no longer needs their storage unit, their access code is deactivated. If you are a new customer, you will find a few parking spots outside of the gate for your use while asking questions and signing up.

#3: Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras, both indoors and outside, give facility managers the ability to keep an eye on the storage units. Monitors in the main office allow the managers to see what's going on in all corners of the self-storage grounds. Cameras are usually high up and easy to spot, so if you don't see any, be sure to ask about them at the main office.

#4: Month-To-Month Payments

Paying month-to-month means you can use your storage unit for as long as you need and not a month more. What if you move to a new city halfway through the third year? Or, maybe you're a college student only needing storage for the summer months, or an ATV fanatic wanting to store your vehicle during the cold winter months. Whichever your situation, ask about the facility's leasing terms before signing the lease agreement.

#5: Professional Resident Managers

Having professional resident managers is probably the most important consideration when choosing a self-storage place, as they live on the facility premises. These managers maintain the property, watch over security, and are available to help you with your self-storage needs by telephone and in person. Whether you're just getting started and have questions, or, you are ready to move to a larger unit, a resident manager can assist you better than a clerk or someone at the end of a toll-free telephone line. They can tell you the best type of lock to buy, or, where to find a local take-out restaurant on your move-in day. Self-storage is their business!

Have additional questions? Check out our self-storage frequently asked questions, or, call our on-site managers in Fountain Valley at (714) 964-1607 and in Riverside at (951) 735-0211. They are waiting to help you with your self-storage needs.

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The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Your Self-Storage Facility