Choosing the Right Self-Storage Facility: 5 Must-Haves for Peace of Mind

Do you need a safe and convenient place to store your treasured belongings or seasonal gear? Not all self-storage facilities are created equal. Finding one that prioritizes your needs can make a world of difference. This guide explores the top 5 features that ensure easy access, security, and peace of mind for your stored items.

#1: Easy Access When You Need It

Location matters! Look for a storage facility close to home or work, or conveniently located near a major freeway. Easy access translates to frequent check-ins on your belongings and avoids detours when hauling bulky items. Imagine you're ready for a weekend getaway. Your boat or RV is conveniently stored near the freeway, eliminating the hassle of navigating tight streets. Load up, hit the road, and be on your way to adventure!

#2: Secure Access with Gate Control

Peace of mind comes with secure access. Modern storage facilities offer computerized gate access systems with unique access codes. While authorized customers can enter, belongings are kept safe from unauthorized visitors. When a tenant moves out, their access is deactivated. New customers? Dedicated parking outside the gate allows for easy access to the office while you inquire and sign up.

The Storage Place facility access gate

#3: Surveillance for Added Security

Advanced security goes beyond gates. Look for facilities with strategically placed surveillance cameras, both indoors and outdoors. Monitors in the main office allow on-site managers to keep a watchful eye across the units and grounds. Highly visible cameras deter potential damage and theft. If you don't see any security cameras, ask about them!

#4: Flexible Month-to-Month Leasing

Life can be unpredictable. Month-to-month leases offer the flexibility you need. Maybe you're moving, or a seasonal hobbyist storing equipment, or a college student needing storage only during the summer. Perhaps you're an avid ATV rider seeking winter storage. Whatever your reason, choose a facility with month-to-month options that adapt to your changing needs and ask to view the terms for your new self-storage unit before signing the lease.

#5: Knowledgeable On-Site Managers

Resident managers are the heart and soul of a great storage facility. They live on-site, ensuring constant upkeep and security. These knowledgeable individuals are available to assist you by phone or in person. Need help choosing a lock, finding a local restaurant on move-in day, or simply have questions about storage options? Resident managers are your go-to resource. Their expertise ensures you get the most out of your self-storage experience.

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