5x10 Self-Storage Unit, Riverside, CA

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Location: Riverside, CA 92503 (map and directions)
Near: Buchanan Avenue and 91 Freeway (exit Magnolia Avenue or McKinley Street)
Type: Ground Floor, Indoor, Small Unit
Size: 5 x 10 Storage Unit
Square Feet: 50 sq. ft.
Price*: $105.00 per month
Move-In Special*: Contact facility manager...
Security Gate: Yes
Surveillance Cameras: Yes
Lease / Payments: Month-to-month
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Deposit Required: No
On-Site Professional Managers: Yes
Climate Controlled: No
Lock: Bring your own

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5x10 Storage Unit Size

How big is a 5x10 storage unit?

Our 5x10 storage units provide approximately 50 square feet of storage space. Interiors are 5 feet wide x 10 feet long and ceiling heights are typically 8 feet from the wood floor or concrete slab to the bottom of the rafters. Call our Riverside, CA property manager at (951) 735-0211 for details or additional unit sizes.

What does a 5x10 storage unit look like inside?

Our 5x10 storage units have concrete floors with wood rafters and plywood above. The walls are either concrete block or metal studs with plywood, depending upon the location of the unit. The doors are metal and easily roll-up.

5x10 Storage Unit Price

How much does a 5x10 storage unit cost near me?

Our 5x10 storage units are competitively-priced and currently rent for $105.00 per month. Contact our Riverside, CA property manager at (951) 735-0211 for current move-in specials.

How do I find cheap 5x10 self-storage units in Riverside, CA?

The Storage Place has been serving the Riverside, CA community since 1977 and prides itself on offering low prices. Call our property manager at (951) 735-0211 to see how easy it is to rent a cheap storage unit today.

5x10 Storage Unit Size Guide

What fits in a 5x10 self-storage unit? A 5x10 self-storage space will typically have room for items such as:

Residential: Appliances, Bedroom Set, Books, Chairs, Clothes from Walk-in Closet, Comforter, Craft Boxes, End Tables, Hats, Holiday Decorations, Love Seat, Luggage, Microwave Oven, Storage Boxes, Toys, Vacuum Cleaner...
Small Business: Binders, File Cabinet, Inventory, Office Equipment, Reams of Paper, Shredder, Storage Boxes, Supplies, Telephones...
College, Summer Break: Bicycle, Blankets, Desk, Guitar, Lamps, Pillows, Sheets, Sports Equipment...

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Graphic Representation

View the following graphic for ideas on what might fit in a 5x10 storage unit. Your final layout will vary.

5x10 Storage Unit Guide