Self-Storage While Traveling Abroad

Are you taking an extended holiday to another country and wondering what to do with your stuff here in the states? If you own your own home or live in a rental you love, you could lease out your place, fully furnished, for six months to a year, or have a friend keep an eye on the place. If, however, you are not attached to your current living situation, placing your belongings in self-storage is a good option, as the monthly cost is considerable less than rent.

Here are a few tips to help you have a carefree vacation:

Tip #1: Tell Someone

Let a family member or friend know where you stored your belongings and ask them if you can use them as a secondary contact person for the storage unit. Since the time zone will likely be different in your part of the world, having someone in the U.S.A. makes calling the storage company easier.

Tip #2: Contact Us Form

Before you rent the unit, look for a Contact Us form on the storage company’s website. If the company has more than one location, see if you can send email directly to the managers of the storage place in your city.

Tip #3: Keep Payment Option Current

If you will be paying your monthly storage fee by credit card or debit card, check that the expiration date on the card is well past the time you plan to return. If not, ask your card company for a replacement card that will last longer, before you leave.

Tip #4: Cover Your Expenses

If you decide to use your debit card, check that there is enough money in the account each month to pay the storage fee, plus any other expenses you currently have set on auto-payments. With a credit card, check your limit and setup monthly auto-payments in advance. Plan long-term. You might like it so much that you decide to stay an extra month or two.

Tip #5: Buy a Quality Lock

Buy a quality combination, padlock, or disk lock, then, decide if there is anything in storage that will be needed by someone while you are away. If yes, consider leaving the keys or the combination with someone living near your unit, that you absolutely trust with your belongings. If not, then pack them away where you will find them upon your return.

Traveling abroad can be fun as well as stressful. We hope these tips add to your fun and reduce the stress. Also, if you have a car or truck to store, both our Fountain Valley and Riverside locations offer outdoor storage along with indoor storage.

Wishing you a memorable holiday! Cheers!

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