How to Store a Mattress

Are you remodeling, downsizing, or turning your (now adult) kid’s room into a mini-theater? Do you have a mattress (and box springs) in good condition that you want to store for future use? Check out these tips on how to store a mattress.

Mattress, pillow, and upside down teddy bear

Tip One: Look for a Clean, Dry Place to Store Your Mattress

You might be tempted to store a mattress in your garage or basement, but before you do check for moisture, mold, and water damage possibilities. Do you live in a damp climate? If your water heater leaks will the mattress be in the path of a major spill? If your garage or basement is not a clean, dry place, perhaps you would be better off using a self-storage unit.

Tip Two: Clean the Mattress Before Storage

Take the time to clean both sides of your mattress before storing it away. Upholstery cleaner or baking soda can help! Vacuum well and air out until dry. Stubborn stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide or liquid detergent. For details, check out the many tutorials on YouTube.com on how to clean your mattress.

Tip Three: Use a Breathable Cover or Plastic

After a thorough cleaning and airing out, use a breathable mattress cover to keep it clean and moisture free while stored away. Thick plastic sheets will work in a pinch but can trap moisture allowing mold and mildew to grow.

Tip Four: Transfer Your Mattress in a Truck

How often have you seen someone moving a mattress by placing it on the hood of their car? This is an inexpensive way to transport but can cause a traffic accident and at the very least put bends in the mattress. A truck with a flatbed large enough to accommodate the mattress is safer for the driving and for the mattress.

Tip Five: Store Your Mattress Flat with Nothing on Top

Once you arrive at your storage unit, plan to store the mattress flat and with nothing on top. Storing a mattress on its side leaves it susceptible to sagging and bending. Placing heavy objects on top of a mattress can damage springs and create wear on the fabric. Wood pallets or flat furniture can be used to keep the mattress off a cold, damp floor.

Tip Six: Use a Dehumidifier

If your storage area is not climate controlled, a dehumidifier can help by removing moisture. Check the mattress often to see that it is staying dry.

More Questions?

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