How to Keep Bugs Out of My Storage Boxes

Do you currently or will you soon be renting a self-storage unit? Are you wondering how to keep bugs out of your boxes? The best way to keep pests from overtaking your storage unit is to keep the place clean and to use weather tight containers.

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Here are seven tips to help you get started:

#1: Start at Home

If you are moving belongings from your home to a storage facility, take the time to make sure you aren’t bringing unwanted guests with you. If you are pulling boxes out of your garage, or your closets, open them up and inspect them carefully. Consider cleaning everything and placing them in new boxes, before moving them.

#2: Use Weather Tight Containers

Airtight and watertight plastic storage totes will keep out bugs and dampness too. Yes, the upfront expense of plastic versus cardboard is considerably more, but the investment will pay off later. Rodents can quickly chew through cardboard, plus, plastic boxes stack better than cardboard.

#3: Use Vacuum Storage Bags for Your Clothing

Vacuum storage bags serve a two-fold purpose; compacting your clothes and keeping them clean. Wash and dry them first, then fold them neatly, and place them in these thick plastic bags. Follow the manufacture’s instructions to seal them up and store the bags in a plastic tote for easy transport.

#4: Never Store Food

Food attracts bugs and rodents and is on the “What Not to Store in Your Storage Unit” list. Thoroughly wash and dry all containers previously used for food, before packing them up.

#5: Use Zippered Plastic Mattress Covers

Bed bugs can be found in mattresses and bedding. Check and clean your items before moving them out of your home. Once at the storage facility, store them in zippered, plastic mattress covers designed to keep the bed bugs out. Zippered encasements are also available for other upholstered furniture such as couches and chairs.

#6: Wrap Furniture in Plastic

For large or odd shaped items that cannot be stored in boxes or zippered plastic, drape them with heavy plastic or tarps. Wrap the ends around the feet of couches and dresser drawers, then wrap tape around the plastic, making sure you don’t get tape on the furniture itself.

#7: Herbs Instead of Bug Spray

The smell of bug spray and other poisons can be absorbed by clothing and upholstered furniture. Consider using less invasive treatments to deter bugs, such as cedar blocks, sage for snails and slugs, lavender for moths, and cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil.

Self-Storage Tip 11: Leave a broom and dust pan behind to keep your unit tidy.

#8: Ask the Manager

Check with the self-storage office manager to see what they recommend for your location. If they’re doing a good job of keeping the facility clean, keeping your belongings clean and in heavy plastic may be all you need.

Hope these tips help you understand how to keep bugs out of your storage boxes. If you still have questions, feel free to call our California facility managers at:

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