Southern California Play Seasons and Self-Storage

In Southern California, our seasons aren't as apparent as they are back East. Especially now with the drought, the weather seems to be the same most of the year. Still, you may have belongings and toys that you use seasonally, such as barbeques, kids bicycles, and golf clubs for the summer, or skis, snowboards, and snow jackets and boots during the winter months. Maybe you have a convertible that you love to drive in the Southern California sun, that just sits there during your “busy” months of the year. Or, a recreational vehicle that takes up too much space in the driveway.

If you find that you don't have enough room to store all the fun stuff you own, one solution is to rent a self-storage unit. Store your summer things during the winter and your winter things during the summer. Problem solved!

Step One

Take inventory of your belongs before you store them, so you remember what you have, and aren't tempted to buy another one because you don't remember for sure. A spreadsheet and/or video camera will help with this. And, remember to update it twice a year, for all the new fun stuff you do buy.

Step Two

Call our managers in Fountain Valley at (714) 964-1607 or Riverside at (951) 735-0211 for help with selecting the storage unit size appropriate for your toys. Our managers will be waiting for you with answers to your questions.

Step Three

Pack up your out-of-season toys and head on over! We’ll show you around and help you get situated.

What's next? Enjoy your uncluttered house and your leisure time in the playground called California!

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