Do I Need Storage Unit Insurance?

Are you considering storing your personal items in a self-storage facility? Is your small business office overflowing with paper files that can be stored elsewhere? Are you wondering if you need insurance for your storage unit?

Already Covered?

Self-storage unit insurance covers natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and tornados. If you use a storage facility for your important papers, extra toys, seasonal clothing, furniture, or other household items, you might need additional coverage to protect your belongings. The best way to find out is to check with your personal or business insurance company to see if you are already covered. Most policies cover your items whether they are physically in your home, securely stored, or out on vacation with you.

Declare Your Valuables

If you store valuables, be sure to declare them individually. Take inventory of each item with a detailed description and photograph. Remember to ask what dollar amount is covered in your regular policy for each category i.e. electronics, jewelry, etc., so you know if you need to increase that amount or not.

In Between Homes

If you are temporarily without a home; perhaps about to move, or taking an extended vacation overseas; and you don’t have a homeowner’s policy or renter’s insurance, then, yes, you will need separate coverage. Ask if the policy covers floods, stolen property, damage from rodents, collectibles, etc.

No Upselling

Some storage companies will attempt to sell you additional coverage when you sign the paperwork to rent a unit. This is similar to car rental companies wanting to sell you collision insurance. At The Storage Place, our on-site managers know that you probably already have insurance coverage included in your home or business policy, so we do not “up sell” you for something you don’t need. We will, however, ask you to specify on the rental documents that you understand that you are responsible for your own insurance, so, be sure to check up on this beforehand.

While The Storage Place does not endorse any insurance company or insurance website, for your convenience, you can compare rates at netquote.com.

Still have questions about insurance for your storage unit contents or other self-storage related items? Feel free to contact our facility managers…

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